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The phase two of the Economic and Trade Infrastructure Development Programme (P-DIEM) was signed on 2 July 2018 for a 4- year period. P-DIEM II contributes to local economic and institutional development in 5 of the 12 departments of Benin, driven by the realisation of profitable economic and market infrastructures (e.g. rural markets, multi-functional stores).

The P-DIEM project is an initiative of the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) agency executed by SNV.

SNV coordinates the operational and financial management of the programme, provides advisory support, capacity building, and technical backstopping in a logic of skills transfer.

The programme promotes the use of local materials - especially bricks made of compressed soil - for construction activities, to boost the local economy and contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing local employment opportunities for young people and women.

We are also supporting local municipalities to improve their tax revenues from the increased local economic activity. The municipalities use the improved income to make socio-economic investments (e.g. build and repair clinics, schools, water harvesting, feeder roads).

Key facts



Boosting local entrepreneurship and valorising local materials


Strengthening communes' financial autonomy through tax revenues


Increased capacity for implementation, management and investments of communes

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