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Driven by increased incomes, in Indonesia itself and in neigbouring countries like China, the demand for pork is increasing and so are prices. Funded by Australian Aid, SNV aims to increase production and incomes for farmers by improving pig rearing practices in Timor. 

East Nusa Tenggara Province has the largest pig population in Indonesia, with more than 1.8 million pigs living on the island. Almost 10% of national pork production takes place on Timor. Pigs play an important role on the island. Pork is served at local religious ceremonies, and weddings. Pigs are used as a means of payment for example to pay school fees. Consumption has been increasing in the province, nationally and in countries in the region. Farmers in Timor island are not able to make use of this opportunity due to inefficient animal rearing practices and relative  high costs.

SNV will improve access to good quality feeds, improve farmers' knowledge on good rearing practices to increase productivity and quality standards. Particular attention will be to the gender balance in the project, to ensure that participating women will have more control over production assets and the resulting economic gains. Specifically, SNV will develop a good rearing pratices manual and train local farmers and local extension support officers on these practices. SNV will also provide training on quality production standards for production and export. In addition demo farms will be established to showcase good animal rearing practices and stimulate pick-up amongst local farmers by providing practical examples of results. SNV also will strengthen local rural pig feed distribution in cooperation with local traders and companies for example by building their capacity to warehouse their stock and administer their business; 


Overall, the project aims to reach more than 18,000 farmers between 2016 and mid 2018. 

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