This project is completed

The goal of the project is to enhance the resilience and economic competiveness of 1,000 smallholder farmer groups in Burkina Faso by building anticipation capacities, enhancing food security, managing natural resources and enabling the business environment. Project end users include the following: (a) 1,000 groups of producers (250 groups per region), (b) 15,000 family farms that are direct end users (15 farms per group), and (c) 90,000 indirect end users (six members per farm).

Specific objectives:

  • Smallholder farmers resilience capacity to climate change enhanced,
  • Business competitiveness of smallholder farmers increased.

The project was designed under a systemic approach of food security adaptation and adaptation of smallholder farmers to climate change. Therefore, the intervention logic takes into account vulnerability factors, the livelihood of smallholder farmers, agricultural and livestock production systems and dynamics in space, demand and offer of microfinance and the market dynamics.

Inclusion of low-income producers to market dynamics is an important aspect. Therefore, it includes market linkage, establishment of links with private enterprises and diversification of income. The project is gender sensitive since it targets men and women in income generation and decision making at the household level. Local ownership was designed into the project through farmer organisation and cooperative partnership in the project implementation and therefore co-owners of outputs, outcome and impacts.

The project's innovations include: (a) Integration of productive, commercial, natural resource management and funding aspects; (b) Combination the territorial and the value chain approaches; (c) Expansion of the technological package for farm management systems and farmer field schools, (d) Accessibility of targeted areas; (e) Promotion of private sector; and (f) Promotion of financial education. In addition, the project will innovate by the combination of participative approaches, placing the producers at the centre of the action based on their local knowledge, human skills, organisation and social networks. Service packages include Farm Business Advisory, Farmer field schools, and dialogue to cover all the levers required for resilience to climate change and competiveness.

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