Capacity Enhancement for Decentralised Services (CEDeS) in WASH

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Few people in rural Mozambique have access to improved sanitation services. Access levels are even lower amongst people living in poverty.


The government of Mozambique is committed to improving access and coverage for WASH services, and has established a coherent policy framework to support decentralised service delivery and community driven implementation. In response to these needs, UKAID of the Government of the United Kingdom is funding SNV to support the government of Mozambique implement the framework's activities at community level, and in scaling up approaches.

In implementation in the Nampula and Zambezia provinces until 2020, CEDeS is a five-year programme that posits that increased capacity of government to respond to and deliver effective and efficient WASH services, combined with an engaged community, will result in the reduction of water-borne diseases and improvements in the wellbeing of rural populations. Beyond improving general health conditions, CEDeS makes a contribution to realising time savings for rural dwellers - particularly women and girls - to engage in other social and economic opportunities.  

All programme interventions are designed to focus not only on improving the performance of the different actors in an isolated manner, but also strengthening the interaction among them.

At national level, and with the National Directorate of Water Provision and Sanitation (DNAAS), CEDeS contributes to increasing capacity for WASH policy rooted in a clear vision and shared understanding of roles, planning and oversight of implementation of the Government’s National Programme for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (PRONASAR).

At provincial level, and with the Provincial Directorate of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources (DPOPHRH), CEDeS contributes to increasing capacity for PRONASAR implementation and oversight of district.

At district level, and with the District Services of Planning and Infrastructure (SDPI), CEDeS contributes to increasing capacity for WASH planning, promotion and delivery.

Key facts


Sustain increase in effective demand for WASH services channeled from communities to local government


Sustain increase in efficient and effective supply of WASH services by provincial and district governments


Improve support and policy reform by government for decentralised services delivery

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David Afonso

Project Manager - T-WASH

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