This project is completed

SNV and Sustainable Energy and Technology Management (SETM) successfully installed a biomass based gasification unit for rural electrification in the Western Development Region of Nepal. The plant currently provides electricity for 45 households. All families use CFL lightbulbs, six have a TV, and almost all have a radio.

Many families are interested in buying refrigerators and ceiling fans now that they have electricity. The testing revealed that operating the plant for 5 hours per day, requires 20% of the annual surplus of biomass production in the community forest, which indicates that there are enough local resources to run this plant. Approximately 30% of the firewood will be converted into good quality charcoal, which has good market value and can be a source of income for the project. Eventually, other end use activities like agro-processing mills, ICT kiosk, saw mills, etc. could be established to utilize the day time electricity. The experience gained in this pilot will be used to shape electrification projects in other remote rural areas in Nepal.