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Several commercial actors have started to enter the Cambodian market for household size biodigesters with new digester technologies and sales and distribution approaches to address underserved market demand. For the sustainable and accelerated delivery of biodigesters to rural households, it is essential that these enterprises succeed as functioning businesses in the marketplace and embark on a growth trajectory. However, these young enterprises face a range of challenges – from securing initial investment capital, business planning, product development, to the development of effective sales and distribution structures.

The ‘Cambodia Biogas Enterprise Development Programme 2017/18’ was created as a financing scheme with the specific objective to bridge gaps in the financing of the scaling up of essential commercial distribution structures of newly emerging biodigester enterprises. The Programme offers financial support to eligible biodigester enterprises through a Results-based Financing (RBF) fund that provides incentive payments to participating biogas enterprises per biodigester installed at the end user household.

This project, which is implemented by SNV and GIZ under the global multi-donor Energising Development (EnDev) partnership, is piloting a new long-term market development approach for the biogas sector in Cambodia.

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Piloting of new long-term market development approach


Piloting of a Results-based Financing Scheme


Technical Assistance for commercial biogas enterprises

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