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Expansion of cultivated land for palm oil and rubber production, is a major driver of deforestation and peat drainage in the Berbak landscape in Sumatra, Indonesia. SNV collaborates with supply chain actors to strengthen smallholder livelihoods, create business benefits for partnering companies, and mitigate deforestation and ecosystem degradation across the landscape.

The Berbak Green Prosperity Partnership has been set up to support sustainable management of the Berbak landscape through a low-carbon, inclusive economic growth model. The project (2016-2023) is co-funded by L'Oreal, MCA Indonesia and implemented by Euroconsult Mott MacDonald, SNV, ISCC, Deltares, several Indonesian Universities, and local civil society organisations.

SNV focuses on enhancing the sustainability of the palm oil and rubber sector  by implementating a deforestation-free supply chains approach. We work along three key components:

  1. A landscape analysis using SNV's Siting Tool to determine where palm oil can and rubber sustainably be sourced from and where forests and peatlands need to be protected.
  2. An inclusive business training programme to support smallholder inclusion in sustainable palm oil and rubber supply chains. We work with 10.000 smallholders and associated cooperatives to improve yields, reduce deforestation, facilitate access to finance, set up internal control systems and implement group-certification systems.  
  3. Working with companies to set up SNV’s traceability and forest monitoring system. Using smartphone and drone technology, this system helps to detect and halt deforestation along company supply chains.

Through the Berbak Green Prosperity Partnership, SNV supports Indonesia’s transition towards climate resilient, low emission sustainable development.

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Strengthen the livelihoods of 10.000 smallholder farmers


Monitor palm oil production areas using drones to detect and halt deforestation


Enhance the production of sustainably-produced palm oil

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