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The Accountable Local Governance Programme (PLGP+) is funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mali. A consortium of four Dutch NGOs implements the programme: SNV(Lead), Oxfam Novib, the V4T Foundation and ICCO part of CORDAID. It aims to strengthen democratic institutions in 240 municipalities in Gao, Tombouctou, Mopti, and Ségou in Mali.

The first phase of the programme, worth 17 million euros, lasted until the end of 2020. After a positive evaluation, the programme is entering a second phase that will last until 2026 with a budget of €20 million and a geographical expansion from 180 to 240 municipalities in four regions: ICCO is implementing P-GLR+ in Tombouctou and Segou regions, Oxfam Novib in Mopti region and SNV in Gao and Ségou regions. The V4T Foundation has sites in all regions.

This second phase differs from the first by the quantitative evolution of 4,000 young women and men to 19,000 citizens. The actions of the Young Leaders will impact more than 600,000 people. They will ultimately create a dynamic bottom-up movement, strengthened in leadership, knowledge, capacity for expression, demand for accountability, and ultimately, they will stimulate inclusive and transparent governance changes.

On the one hand, PGLR+ focuses on local public authorities by strengthening local governance mechanisms to make them more inclusive, effective, gender and conflict-sensitive. On the other hand, the programme focuses on the inclusive and effective participation of young people (women/men) in local governance mechanisms, emphasising youth social accountability and citizenship. The programme's approach will enable the re-establishment of trusting and cooperative relationships at the grassroots level between local public authorities and young people (w/m) and the general population. In short, the PGLR+ approach will strengthen the social contract between the local authorities and the population. It will also strengthen the strength of relationships and the sense of solidarity between young leaders who come from different communities.

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Amadou Bocoum

Project Manager

Freddy Sahinguvu

PGLR+ Programme Coordinator

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