SNV uses its extensive experience in business and market development to drive change in regions most vulnerable to climate change, creating benefits for people living in poverty, businesses and the environment.

The challenge

Climate change is undermining all aspects of food security and sustainable development, threatening to erode and reverse gains made in ending hunger and malnutrition. At the same time, food production needs to grow to feed the growing population. Increasing production through unsustainable methods will increase deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation. The necessary response and transformation within the agricultural sector is not happening. As public funds are insufficient, there is an urgent need to catalyse private sector expertise, its innovation capacity and financial leverage.

The opportunity

Applying climate smart agricultural practices reduces the risks from climate change and lowers greenhouse gas emissions while increasing productivity and incomes. Currently, most businesses do not fully understand their exposure to climate change or recognise the growing business opportunities in climate action. Changing agri-businesses’ behaviour is pivotal to shift food systems to sustainable practices and realise climate change adaptation and mitigation in agriculture.

Our approach

SNV has worked effectively with over 300 companies in 33 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. We initiate, implement, finance and scale, inclusive business models. With the Climate and Business product we create lasting change, transforming (sub) sectors from business as usual to delivering climate smart agricultural and energy solutions at scale.

We achieve this by kick-starting markets, leveraging finance for scale, while changing companies' awareness and behaviour. In addition to direct investments in high impact adaptation sectors, we stimulate services pivotal to transforming supply chains. In particular, we target financial, aggregator, climate information and energy services. We also work with authorities to support the development of a conducive policy environment

Our product focuses on four key result areas

Climate smart market development

Shifting business operations towards climate smart practices

Leveraging finance for scale

Supportive enabling environment

Our results in 2020

with increased resilience to climate change
50,000 people
Reduced emissions by the equivalent of
600,000 tonnes of CO2
with increased resilience to climate change
50,000 people
Reduced emissions by the equivalent of
600,000 tonnes of CO2


Our experts

Harko Koster

Global Lead - Climate and Business

Jeremy Doyle

Global Technical Advisor - Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

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