SNV through the Voice for Change Partnerships (V4CP) and IFPRI will be launching the Kenya Policy Atlas to inform Kenya’s policy on Climate Change Resilience and Food and Nutrition Security.

Date:        21st July 2020                                        Time:       2.00 pm -3:30 pm EAT


Link: Microsoft Teams https://rb.gy/ky2dix


Presentation by Wim Marivoet, Research Fellow International Food Policy and Research Institute (IFPRI)

Ending hunger and malnutrition is a complex process because it requires sustained policy discipline and the right mix of public resources over an extended period. Until now, policymakers have paid little attention to the sub-national heterogeneity that is so characteristic of the problems of hunger and malnutrition. This heterogeneity means that areas within a country differ in terms of their agricultural production systems, market characteristics and consumption patterns and therefore have their own specific set of problems and challenges. Distinct problems and challenges require a geographically targeted policy response.

Policymakers, when designing policy to respond to the needs of populations, would thus need to be made aware of issues that play out at disaggregated levels across the country. Arguably, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) can only fulfill their advocacy role if they have access to data at the sub-national level and can visualize and point out issues relevant to their zones of interest. It is thus essential that spatially disaggregated data is made widely available and accessible and that the capacity of CSOs is built to interpret and visualize these data.

Through V4CP led by SNV, IFPRI has developed a policy atlas which compiles and builds spatially disaggregated datasets for various indicators related to hunger and malnutrition. Data and maps are placed in an analytical perspective so that they can be visualized and used for advocacy purposes.

Kenya’s atlas is a unique advocacy tool for contextualized and spatially refined policy design. 

Victor Gathogo

Advisor, Renewable Energy and Climate Change