2019 Opportunities for Youth Employment International Conference

August 2019


Welcome to the 2019 Opportunities for Youth Employment International Conference, Making markets work for youth, taking place in Bamako, Mali on 17 - 18 October, as part of the EJOM project and made possible by the European Union, with co-funding by the Netherlands Embassy in Mali and the government of Mali.


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About the Value Chain Development and Youth Employment in Mali (EJOM) project

Made possible by the European Union with co-funding by the Netherlands embassy in Mali, the EJOM project consortium (ICCO, WASTE, APEJ and SNV) stimulates economic development and stability by creating (self)- employment opportunities in the horticulture, waste management, agri-business and handi-craft sectors in the Koulikoro, Kayes, Gao regions and Bamako. The consortium partners select young people and provide training on life and business skills as well as good horticultural practices. We also develop horticulture value chains and agribusiness SMEs, to grow local employment and business opportunities. Until mid-2021, the project will train 8,620 young people, including 2,586 women and 1,293 returnees and create 6,472 jobs.

About Opportunities for Youth Employment

Opportunity for Youth Employment (OYE) acts as the missing link between disadvantaged young people and markets - our experience has shown that even in fragile contexts such as the Sahel, market-based approaches coupled with youth ownership can be a very effective approach.  Attendees at the International Opportunity for Youth Conference will get an overview of the specific youth employment approaches that SNV has been implementing for the past 6 years in many countries, notably in Mali as part of the EJOM project (in partnership with ICCO, WASTE and APEJ). Find out more about the Value Chain Development and Youth Employment in Mali project.

Come, learn and share with fellow development practitioners and young people from various countries across sub-Saharan Africa. Below are some of their stories.


Mariam Ousmane built on her experience to grow her business
Aminata Kane is inspiring other young people with her business


Mariam Samounou Aminata became an entrepreneur
Mariam Cisse expanded her horticulture activities with EJOM


Hissam Alphagalo became a successful horticulture entrepreneur
Zantigui Doumbia wants to promote waste recycling in Bamako


Haidara wants to upcycle waste into useful products
Some more success stories

Watch these videos to find out more

About the EJOM project in Mali

EJOM project debrief: creating success for young people in Mali

Success starts with me - supporting young agri-entrepreneurs

Starting a leather workshop in Tanzania

Farming in sneakers in Rwanda

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