GrEEn Acceleration Programme calls

Get support for the growth and expansion of your green business.

What are the GrEEn Incubation and Acceleration Programmes about?

The GrEEn Incubation and Acceleration Programmes aim at serving and strengthening enterprises in:

  • Eco-inclusive business model development
  • Financial management
  • Product development
  • Access to Finance
  • Market development and linkages
  • Business regulatory compliance
  • Investment readiness (under the Acceleration Programme)

The programmes consist of:

  • Online and offline training sessions in business model development, leadership, financial management, marketing and sales, etc.
  • Coaching and mentoring by industry experts and successful businessmen/women
  • Pitching sessions with investors and financial institutions
  • Opportunity to compete for a matching grant from the GrEEn challenge fund

Which sectors?

agriculture Agriculture, including climate smart agiculture, agri-businesses and agro-processing.

energy Energy, including clean cooking, solar systems, energy efficiency.

WASH WASH, including waste management, water purification, recycling, production of cleaning and sanitary products.

What is a green business? 

A green business is one which contributes to protecting and restoring the natural environment, and reduces any harm caused to it. In the context of the GrEEn project, green businesses may include one or all of the following aspects:

  • Efficient use of resources, e.g. energy, water
  • Protection of natural resources, e.g. soil, water, forests, biodiversity
  • Reduction of waste and losses (especially in relation to food crops) along the value chains: e.g. through solar drying, solar cooling facilities
  • Promoting the circular economy, e.g. re-use, upcycling, recycling
  • Reduction of carbon emissions
  • Resilience against climate change, e.g. conservation agriculture and climate-smart agriculture
  • Reduction of waste and pollution

Why participate?

  • Get 6 months business development support from our partner hubs
  • Get access to industry experts and successful businessmen/women (local and international) who will serve as mentors
  • Improved access to funding – through innovative financial services as crowdfunding, concessional financing, etc.
  • Market linkages to complementary service providers and actors in the green ecosystem  
  • Peer-to-peer networking and exchanges
  • Expert support to achieve business growth and expansion (Acceleration Programme)

About the GrEEn Acceleration Programme

The GrEEn Acceleration Programme will support more established SMEs (revenue stage) to develop investment readiness and operational excellence in order to scale up and grow. They will also be guided to adopt a green approach to their operations. The programme will be run by a partner hub in the Greater Accra region.

Who qualifies?

  • The owner(s) of the business must be aged 15-35 years. (*Women can be above the age of 35 but no older than 40)
  • The business must have an innovative product or service in Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) that is financially viable
  • The business must have a high potential for job creation among youth
  • The business must have been registered for at least two years.
  • The business can be for-profit or not-for-profit
  • The entrepreneur must be resident and have their business located in the Ashanti/Western Region for at least 6 months. Businesses located outside the Ashanti and Western regions must have significant operations in either of the two regions (such as supply of inputs) and must demonstrate ability to create jobs in the said regions.
  • The entrepreneur must be willing to make changes to adapt his/her business model to be eco-inclusive or environmentally friendly
  • The entrepreneur must be available for the duration of the programme and must be able to attend at least 80% of all programme activities.
  • The entrepreneur must not be engaged in any conflicting programme for the duration of the programme. A conflicting programme may be another programme providing incubation and acceleration and/or business development services.
  • The entrepreneur must be willing to make investments and changes in their business structure or operations (e.g. correct gaps in their governance structure, financial management, comply with standards, commit equity or savings, etc.)

Priority will be given to women-led and -owned businesses or businesses that support the development and wellbeing of women. Women-led and -owned businesses are especially encouraged to apply.

Apply Now –

Application deadline for the first cohorts: 4 December 2020 

Application deadline for the second cohorts: 29 January 2021

How are green and innovative SMEs selected?

  • All applications submitted to GrEEn are assessed
  • GrEEn staff, its partner hubs and external experts review the applications according to a standard set of criteria
  • Those SMEs that pass the initial screening will be invited to complete a more detailed application form
  • SMEs that are shortlisted will be invited to an interview: a panel consisting of GrEEn staff, its partner hubs and external experts will discuss the business idea and model in detail with the applicants. The judges will score applicants according to a set of selection criteria.

How does it work?