Solar PV (photovoltaics) is a great sustainable solution for households that are not connected to the electricity grid and depend on polluting kerosene lamps and dry cell batteries for lighting. Solar PV converts solar energy into electricity and is thus very convenient for people living in areas with an abundance of sunlight.

The solar PV market in developing countries is estimated at 220 million households. Lowered solar PV prices and the emergence of highly efficient direct current (DC) appliances including LED lamps, mobile phone chargers, radios, fans and TVs have created highly dynamic and adaptive markets. At SNV we develop sustainable energy markets that work for the poor. Financial models such as Results-Based Financing for suppliers and Pay-As-You-Go for consumers enable people at the Base of the Pyramid to gain access to clean electricity and improve their lives. Students can now study in the evenings and businesses can continue operating after dark, all in a clean, unpolluted environment. Technologies range from portable lanterns and small lighting systems to larger standalone solar home systems. Off-grid solar PV may be also applied by institutions and businesses.

By the end of 2015 we had helped install or distribute almost 222,000 solar PV devices and systems, improving the lives of 1.25 million people.

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Senior Expert RBF/Fund Management

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Energy Expert

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Senior Advocacy Officer - V4CP (Energy)