Mini-grids are a practical and cost-effective electricity solution for communities that do not have access to the national grid. They can supply electricity for a localised group of consumers including households, institution and businesses.

A mini-grid can be powered by different renewable energy sources, like solar PV, biogas or pico-hydro. Compared to individual customer systems, mini-grids may provide an enhanced service level. To ensure the continuous operation and sustainability of the system, a proper ownership model, agreements among customers on rules and a tariff structure are critical.

The International Energy Agency estimated in their 2013 World Energy Outlook, that to provide universal access to electricity for all by 2030, 46% of the current global off-grid rural population should be connected to mini-grids.

At SNV we build sustainable energy markets that aim to end the energy poverty for millions of people at the Base of the Pyramid.


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Anaclet Ndahimana

Sector Lead and Project Manager ENDEV III Project