Biogas plants – biodigesters – convert animal manure, human excrement and other organic materials into combustible methane gas, known as biogas. A household family with just three heads of cattle or seven pigs can generate sufficient gas to meet their basic domestic and/or productive energy needs: clean cooking, powering and/or basic lighting.

In addition, the residue of the process – bio-slurry – can be used as a potent organic fertiliser to enhance agricultural productivity and sustain soil fertility. The market potential for household digesters fed by animal manure in developing countries is estimated at 155 million. Bio-digesters can also be used by institutions, businesses and communities. Niche markets for medium-scale digesters are emerging in middle-income countries, also addressing environmental pollution. At SNV we develop sustainable energy markets that ensure more and more low-income people and businesses at the Base of the Pyramid are gaining access to such solutions.

By the end of 2015 we improved the lives of 3.5 million people by facilitating the installation of over 700,000 bio-digesters.

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