SNV recognises that ending poverty will not be possible if climate change is not accounted for and it could role back decades of development gains. This is particularly the case for the sectors we work in – agriculture, energy and WASH. In order to achieve our goal to eradicate poverty, we understand the need to support those vulnerable to adapt to climate change, while producing lower emissions.

As the impacts of climate change are best understood and need to be addressed at multiple scales, SNV combines working across sectors (agriculture, water and energy) supporting interventions within different jurisdictions (local to national) in order to deliver lasting impacts at scale.
Our approach to working on climate change is described under our Climate, Business and Landscape Product. We operate at the farm level; value chain level and at the landscape level supporting climate change plans and polices. Our work builds on our strong local presence and proven approach to engaging governments, businesses and smallholder farmers helping to drive positive change, through market based solutions.
SNVs approach to working on climate change adaptation and resilience is to better integrate climate risks across our programmes and projects through application of the SNV Climate Risk Assessment Tool. We also have identified climate change ‘thematic areas’ which build upon our strengths and experience across a range of programming. These themes are Youth Employment and Climate Change, Business and Climate Change Adaptation, Clean Energy, Evergreen Farms, REDD +, Deforestation Free Supply Chains and Climate Change Planning and Finance.
SNV is currently in the process of accreditation to the Green Climate Fund.

Richard McNally

Global Sector Coordinator - Climate & Business

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Climate, Business and Landscapes

Low income groups including farmers are particularly vulnerable to climate change as extreme weather events, pest and disease attacks on crops, and rising sea levels contribute to environmental degradation, poor harvests, food shortages, and price shocks.  Businesses are also impacted by climate change, and require resilient and sustainable supply chain sourcing, and risk management. 

Our Climate, Business & Landscapes product works with smallholders to improve adaptability to climate change and increase agriculture productivity, reduce and/or removes greenhouse gases. We work with value chain actors to build resilience of livelihoods, food systems and markets. We cooperate with authorities to stimulate pro-poor and climate sensitive governance.  

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Climate, Business and Landscapes


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