What we do

SNV bridges the gap between theory and practice, between policy ambitions and effective implementation at scale. We implement approaches that are tailored to local needs as we believe that countries and communities themselves should be the owners of change. With appropriate knowledge and resources, they can implement and maintain their own sustainable solutions to end poverty. We are experts in agriculture, energy, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Our know-how services include advice, brokering and stakeholder engagement, advocacy, fund management, results-based financing and delegated management.  

Focus on practical know-how


Advisory services are core to SNV’s programmes. Our advice aims at strengthening capacity in the public sector and civil society to respond to national and local priorities and to address systemic constraints in agriculture, energy, and WASH. Our advice also responds to demand from private entrepreneurs, such as farmers, agri-businesses, energy companies, and masons, to strengthen their businesses and services. We also advise public authorities to develop and implement policies, target investments effectively and operate services efficiently.