Strengthening governance & delivery of WASH services

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SNV has been UNICEF’s partner on the 'Strengthening governance & delivery of WASH services' project since 2011. Through the project, village Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) committees and water user committees were formed to take ownership of the supply problem. These groups follow up on the construction, usage and maintenance of latrines in their villages, and make sure that water supply facilities are paid for and maintained by trained local pump mechanics.

In partnership with the State Ministry of Water, Cooperatives and Rural Development, SNV developed a Water Information Management System to map water facilities and track which are functioning and which are not. Local officials are being trained on the system so as to share the information and manage demand for spare parts and maintenance.

SNV has also supported 25 school hygiene clubs in five counties. Children learn about the importance of handwashing with soap and the use and maintenance of latrines, and share this knowledge with their peers. In turn, these good practices filter on to their families and wider communities. Of the 25 schools, five were selected for an introduction to WASH-Agriculture activities. School gardens were established; school agriculture clubs formed and trained; and vegetable seeds and tools distributed. The objectives are to improve nutrition and food security and to promote agricultural skills among pupils too.

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