Junior Professionals Programme

This project is active

SNV's Junior Professional Programme (JPP) started in 2013 and engaged 10 young professionals in the Agriculture, Energy and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene sectors in Asia and Africa for a period of two years.

The programme aimed to ensure a stable practice base from which the young professionals could gain experience and thorough understanding of SNV's key sectors. The programme balanced a global framework with local flexibility that allowed each host programme to shape a learning trajectory that met the needs of each individual and the objectives of the programme.

Each young professional was coached and challenged to demonstrate high performance in the following 5 areas by the end of the programme:

  • Quality & results
  • Practice
  • Knowledge development & innovation
  • Sector & content knowledge
  • Exchange & exposure

What's new?

I was continuously exposed to SNV practice through a lot of practical fieldwork and by the third week I had visited most of the project areas.Thomas Kirina, JPP in Cambodia

Our experts

Kim Groen

Project Officer - PSO & V4CP