Competitive Business Climate Improvement for Small Medium Enterprises in the Southern Cone – Bolivia (Chuquisaca - Potosí – Tarija)

This project is completed

Funded by European Union, the Competitive Business Climate Improvement for small medium enterprises (SMEs) of the Southern Cone-Bolivia (September 2016 – August 2018), supported the development and  Entrepreneurship of  target SMEs in the Southern Cone region (in Chuquisaca, Potosí, and Tarija); and also promoted the social inclusion and employment opportunities of targeted businesses. 

This project was implemented across several sectors including food products and processing, crafts, manufacturing and tourism - with the goal of promoting and generating business growth and development.  For this project, SNV’s Inclusive Business approach models were applied, which focused on benefitting low income groups by creating jobs, income improvement and affordable goods and services.

The specific objectives of the project included the following:

  • Establish and implement sectoral competitiveness platforms both in the private, public, and academic fields;
  • Specialise trade support for targetted businesses;
  • Probusiness development services;
  • Develop business management skills.

The results and impacts of the project:

  • A modular management program was developed and implemented to improve the productive, administrative and financial skills of 360 small and medium enterprises.
  • The production level of 22 business centers in  food, metal-mechanics, tourism and services increased by an average of 25%;
  • 22 business centers improved their capacity to manage access to credit;
  • 360 small businesses improved their sales.

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