Cameroon Golden Cocoa Project

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The Cameroon Golden Cocoa Project (CGCP) aims at increasing cooperatives and farmers’ income and job creation through implementation of standardised post-harvest practices. This project is funded by GIZ under the Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector framework, and is implemented by SNV Cameroon. 

The CGCP is a scaling up of the successes seen under the Green Cocoa Business Service Centre project. In addition, CGCP will work with 10 cooperatives in the Centre and South Regions of Cameroon. During the 2 years of implementation, the project will introduce, at cooperative level, improved fermentation boxes and solar dryers; establish local cocoa a transformation unit and construct or rehabilitate warehouses.

To achieve its goals, CGCP will train cocoa farmers on good practices regarding fermentation of cocoa beans, the use of solar dryers, the processing of cocoa beans into added value products as well as building their capacities in accessing markets. The project is also promoting the professionalisation of cocoa post-harvest value chain. One of the key components of CGCP is the curricula development of at least three professions in the value chain. By doing so, SNV is stimulating the creation of jobs for women and youth.

The project expects the following results:

  • An increment by 10% of the production of high cocoa quality;
  • Over 5,000 farmers trained on fermentation, solar drying; transformation and access to markets;
  • 2,000 cooperative members (500  women) practice standardised knowledge on fermentation, solar dying warehousing and who use post-harvest infrastructures;
  • 15 fermentation units established;
  • 15 improved solar dryers established;
  • 01 processing unit established;
  • 400 jobs (100  women) created by cooperatives and/other partners
  • 200 (50  for women) jobs created within 10 cooperatives or small entrepreneurs outside cooperatives
  • At 500 women involved in post-harvest  cocoa value chains
  • At 03 professional curricula developed for training schools and 10 Professional education, Public and Private actors adopting  the  Project training curriculum;
  • 34 (8 for women) small businesses developed within 15 cooperatives or small entrepreneurs outside cooperatives;
  • At least 3 transformed products marketed by cooperatives and partners.

The Cameroon Golden Cocoa Project is the scaling up phase of the “Cocoa Business Service Centre Project” implemented from December 2015 to January 2017. It was fully financed by the German Cooperation through GIZ. The “Cocoa Business Service Centre” (CBSC) provided direct services to cocoa farmers of 4 cooperatives in the Centre and South West regions. The CBSC aim was to increase income of cocoa farmers through access to cocoa business services and value addition processes.

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