Urban Sanitation & Hygiene for Health and Development

Urban Sanitation & Hygiene for Health and Development (USHHD) is SNV's approach to realising citywide inclusive sanitation services for all. With city authorities and utilities, our aim is to change the way in which human waste is being managed – ensuring that this encompasses all parts of the sanitation service delivery chain.

Different geographical areas require different service delivery models. To address the needs of diverse populations, we guide stakeholders through a process of informed choice regarding technologies, finance strategies, regulation and service delivery models. We facilitate discussion on the trade-offs linked to choices, in particular giving special attention to low-income groups and slum residents. Working with the private sector, we develop financially viable, sustainable business models for the treatment, re-use and safe disposal of human waste, and we work with communities on service models that are safe and affordable.


Selected urban sanitation publications by SNV here. | Photo: SNV/Aidan Dockery


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