Area-wide Rural Water Supply Services (ARWSS)

Area-wide Rural Water Supply Services (ARWSS) is SNV's integrated approach to ensure sustainable access to water supply that is responsive to the needs of changing communities, across districts. In pursuit of this, we contribute to the creation of economies of scale to increase the financial viability of water supply delivery.

Our work contributes to solving service issues relating to water, including the continuity of water services, equal access to water points, water quality, sustainability of services and resilience to extreme events (climatic and social).

We work with local stakeholders to develop appropriate management models, embedded in local WASH governance structures and  supported by evidence-based research and behavioural change campaigns. We accelerate efforts to professionalise post-construction support and operations, and endorse performance standards for water operators – irrespective of whether they are private, public or community run.


Photo credit: SNV/ PRONASAR


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