SNV has been working in Cameroon since 1965. We started as a volunteer service, then as an agency executing projects and since 2003, we are an independent advisory and support organisation. Our activities centre on two impact areas: increasing production, income and employment, and increasing access to basic services (water and health).

We support organisations working in the forestry sector to enhance the economic inclusion of the poor in forest value chains of Timber and Non-Timber Forests Products (NTFP). We also work on improving legal/institutional framework and governance issues in the forest sector, improving access to markets for NTFP, and improving the management of the community forests. We also support actors working on livestock in the North West and Extreme Northern regions. Our work there is aimed at enhancing pastoralists' participation in processes geared towards increasing their sustainable and equitable access to pastoral resources (land and water).

In the area of basic services (water and health), we continue to boost social inclusion and equity and strengthen the capacities of local actors in budget tracking (public finance for basic services) both at national and regional level, with particular focus on promoting the sustainability of services. We aim to improve the number of poor people that have access to sufficient quantities of safe drinking water in rural and semi-urban areas.

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Derriere Usine Bastos, Nouvelle Route Bastos

P.O. Box 1239, Yaounde


Tel.: 00237 2220 2772




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