The strength of our programs and the strength of our impact is in our people. Our partners are governments, community organizations, and private sector companies from all over the world. Every day we connect their ability and drive to do good with our network of experts, local men and women with country specific knowledge who are sparking development in their own communities. 

SNV USA works closely with a global network of local and international technical advisors to deliver innovative development solutions in many of the poorest developing countries worldwide. More than just implementers, our advisors are members of their communities: 80% of SNV staff are nationals of the countries where we operate and we maintain a network of over 800 local implementing partners. Our local experts empower SNV with the in-country experience and relationships necessary to deliver effective and sustainable projects that are inclusive of local populations.

We do not offer funding. We implement programs that empower people around the world to access the services and opportunities needed to live a healthy, productive life, while sustainably using the natural resources they depend on. A results-driven organization, our programs have measurably improved the quality of life of approximately 15 million people in some of the least developed countries between 2011 and 2015.

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